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Blank Push Notifications

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 08:28AM EDT
Q: Why am I receiving blank push notifications?

We have seen issues where, in fact, data is being delivered, just not through our standard documented mechanism for retrieving push notifications. In most cases, data has been sent from the 3rd party API (e.g. Fitbit) that is not available through Validic’s standardized dataset (it is, however, available through the expanded endpoints).

If you would like to receive records of the zero and null values, you can simply append the flag “allow_null=1” to the push notification call. Alternatively, if you would like to retrieve this expanded data, you can append the flag “expanded=1”. For more information about "allow_null" please see "Retrieving all Records Including null/zero Value Data."

More information is available in our Push Notification Service API Documentation, where we have updated the push notification documentation to reflect these changes. For more information about the "expanded" filters, please see the Key Terms section of our API documentation.
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