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Testing Data Flow for Partner Apps

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 08:56AM EDT
Q: Can I test my Partner App integration?

At a high level, the Validic Partners API provides both a simple process of authorization, as well as data sharing between your application and other third-party applications which have been granted authorization to retrieve your user’s data via the Validic API. The guide below provides you the information to test this process of data sharing.

1. Setting up testing with a third-party application

In order to simulate what your users will experience when they sync your application and also what data a third-party application will receive from your application, you need a new organization which you can use to act as a client organization. In case you do not have a client organization for use, you may contact to request one setup for you.

A client organization similarly is a Validic Organization; you need to provision users as well under the client organization (Client Users). The driving concept of the test is that a person who has an account in your application is also part of a Client Organization and would like to grant this organization access to his or her application data.

Once you have a client user provisioned under the client organization, you may then construct an App Marketplace for the client user:
2. Granting the Client Organization authorization to access you user's application data

Using the App Marketplace from the client user, click the "Connect" button. If you use the pin code authentication method (Mobile Partner setup), this will display to the user a pin code which the user must input in your application. If you use a login authentication method (Web Partner setup), the user will be redirected to your login page for your user to sign in, after which the user will be asked whether authorization will be granted.

3. Creating Partner user data:

Once you have one of your application's user accounts synced to a client user, you can begin pushing application data to Validic. You may refer to the Validic Objects documentation for further reference on making POST requests to push your user data to Validic.

4. Checking replication of Partner data

Once you have created data for your user and pushed this to Validic, using the Client User Access Token used in the App Marketplace in Step 1, you may make a shorthand API call to verify proper replication of data for the third-party application. For example, if you created a Fitness Record:
* You may need to supply a start_date parameter to the API call above which corresponds to the data you created in step 3.

This will respond with a copy of your iFitTracker user’s data which now is replicated for the client user.
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