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Removing an application or device partner from the Marketplace

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 03:36PM EDT
Q: Is it possible to remove (delete) a device or application partner from our marketplace?

Yes, if you should you decide to remove an app from the Validic App Marketplace, please send a request to to have that app turned OFF for your organization. If you're using the standard HTML5 Validic Marketplace, your users will no longer see this app in their marketplace view. If you're using a customized marketplace, this app will no longer appear in the apps.json API call.

Please note that any users connected to that app will remain synced to Validic. For example, if you decide not to offer Jawbone in your marketplace anymore, and you have 30 users in your organization who've synced their Jawbone account to Validic, those users' data will still continue to flow to your servers via Validic's API, even after Jawbone has been removed from your marketplace. In addition, data that was previously retrieved from the app will remain available via the appropriate Validic API call.

You can stop receiving data from the app by unsyncing each one of your users from the app that has been removed from your marketplace. This can be done by making an "unsync" request through the apps.json API object, using the following recommended procedure:

1. Loop through each of your users and make the following profile.json call for each:


From the response, you will be able to determine if the app you would like removed is part of the user's synced apps. This step may not be necessary if you maintain a list of apps that your users have connected to.

2. Once you have determined that the user is actively connected to the app you want unsynced, you can make the following apps.json call to retrieve the app's unsync URL:


3. The response will include the sync, unsync, and refresh URLs of the app. You will need to get the unsync URL of the app and make a GET on the URL to unsync the app.
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