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Fitbit Water Support

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018 12:04PM EDT
Validic is pleased to announce that we now support the Fitbit water endpoint and are making this data available for consumption. Fitbit water is captured from Fitbit via the Fitbit "GET-Water" API endpoint and delivered to you via the Validic Routine Object. Water values are returned in mL. Please note, this data is reflective of the user's water log entries via Fitbit and NOT water logged as a meal.

For your reference, here is a sample routine data call utilizing the expanded data filter that returns Fitbit water data:
Example Response
    "summary": {
        . . .
    "routine": [
            "_id": "5591dc20aa540bc9e6004ffa",
            "timestamp": "2015-06-30T04:00:00+00:00",
            "utc_offset": "-04:00",
            "steps": 0.0,
            "calories_burned": 1442.0,
            "distance": 0.0,
            "floors": 0.0,
            "elevation": 0.0,
            "source": "fitbit",
            "source_name": "Fitbit",
            "last_updated": "2015-07-01T08:00:20+00:00",
            "user_id": "54d97e1098b4b1b75c0000a7",
            "water": 730.5
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